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Among the Wild




Based out of Madison, WI, Among the Wild was born out of a mutual respect for each other's craft in the summer of 2014. Among the Wild, at its heart, is made of good friends who found that creative and beautiful things come from their time together.       


Vocals, Guitar / Emily Phillippi
Cello, Vocals / Sam Gryzwa
Vocals, Guitar / Gavin Jones




The Future:

Stay tuned

the past:

May 2019: Opening for Anna Tivel @ The Shitty Barn - Spring Green, WI. 7PM.

September 2018: Opening for Sara Groves @ Blackhawk Church - Madison, WI. 7PM.

January 2018: Crescendo, Madison, WI - with Humbird.

July 2017:  Brooklyn, New York - Recording with Mason Jar Music

November 2016: Opening for Eric Peters @ private house show. 7PM. 

November 2016: Opening for The Staves @ The Majestic - Madison. 8PM.